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What is a Tiger Loop?

As of April 2012, all outdoor fule tanks need to be made of fiberglass or composite. Also, these tanks need to be "top fed", which means that the fuel oil no longer comes out of the bottom of the tank, but the top. This setup can cause burner malfunction because of the negative pressure in the fuel line. This negative pressure can cause  minute air bubbles to be released from the fuel and they will eventually end up in the burner pump causing the burner to fail. In order to prevent his from happening, an apparatus called a "tiger loop" must be installed on the system. A tiger loop enables the system to dissipate the air in the oil into the atmosphere, preventing a build up of air in the pump for trouble free operation. If your system includes and oil fired hot water heater, this too can be plumbed into the tiger loop system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal in PEI to sell a used fiberglass tank in order to have it re-installed at a new location?

In order to save money some people are in the market to purchase a used fiberglass tank and have it transported and installed at another location.  Here are some things you should know in order to avoid problems down the road.

First of all, in PEI it is illegal to sell an oil tank to an unlicensed purchaser.  All tanks sold in PEI must be sold to licensed inspector, installers.  When looking to purchase a used fiberglass tank these specific steps must be taken:  

(1).  Arrangements must be made for a licensed inspector-installer to purchase the tank on your behalf.

(2).  Permission from the Department of Environment must be obtained through the inspector-installer  to        move the tank to the new location.

(3).  The tank purchase will include the cost of installation at the new location in compliance with applicable  codes and insurance regulations.

**NOTE:  Used metal tanks are not eligible to be moved under any circumstances.

**NOTE:  Once a used tank is sold the manufacturer's warranty is void in some cases.

Are licensed inspector installers required to carry environmental and general liability insurance?

Yes.  In order to keep an inspector-installer license current, it is necessary to provide proof of insurance (environmental and personal liability insurance) to the licensing agency (PEI Dept of Environment.).  Every inspector-installer should be able to produce a proof of insurance document upon request.

Important news.....

 As of January 12, 2017 Granby tanks of Quebec has purchased Vilco of Waverly N.S.  This is not a positive situation for consumers.  The only other manufacturer of tanks is in Kensington.  (Pro Composite).  This means that Granby tanks has almost complete control of the price of oil tanks at the wholesale level.  This has resulted in an immediate increase of $270.00 to the consumer.  

**Note:  As of December 1, 2017 oil tanks have taken another price increase.  The latest increase is $100.00

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