Mini split heat  pumps

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Heat pumps are a reliable, economical way to heat your home during the winter months.  Also, heat pumps can operate as air conditioners in the summer months enabling you to live in comfort year round.  At Homeworks we have been supplying, installing and servicing these units for over 10 years.  We handle brands such as Windair, LG, Tempstar, as well as KARDA (see below)

Most of these units operate at 80% eficiency at temperatures as low as -30C.  Warranties of up to 10 years covering parts and labour are also available with most makes.  Look in the products section of the website for more information on these units.  

Karda Heat Pumps...

HOMEWORKS is proud to take on the KARDA line of heat pumps.

The KARDA line of heat pumps is new.  These units are among the best in the industry in efficiency, quiet operation, wide temperature operating range, (to -30 celsius with 80% capacity. They are available in four single head sizes ranging from 9000 btu to 24000 btu. The manufacturers warranty is 30 months for the unit with 7 years on the compressor.  A ten year parts and labour warranty is available as well.

They are also eligible for the PEI Energy grant.  

Take time to look over the information provided by going to Google and entering "Karda heat pumps," or scroll down through the pamphlet below.  An upgraded pamphlet will be on the site as soon as it's available.

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