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Oil Tank Maintenance

We at Homeworks have installed oil systems all over Prince Edward Island.  We offer expert, licensed and insured service to all of our customers.  Our prices are lowest......guaranteed!

Whether you are in need of an outside or inside tank, we can meet your needs. Our guaranteed quotes include the tank, installation, inspection and tagging, oil transfer (if desired) and also the disposal of your old tank.  Prince Edward Island regulations require outside tanks to be fiberglass, feeding from the top instead of the bottom or end.  We strongly recommend fiberglass for inside installations as well.  In 2020 it will be required that all new installs be constructed of fiberglass. 

Call us if you desire a consultation or a guaranteed written estimate. Or contact us at

Island made tanks also available. (See below).

These manufacturers guarantee their products for 30 years against corrosion.  These units also carry $5 million environmental insurance.  This is worry free protection.

Typical outdoor install

Typical tiger loop installation

Roth Oil Tanks...

Roth tanks are also available from Homeworks.  These tanks are a good choice where space makes if difficult to fit in a regular size fiberglass tank.  Roth tanks carry the same warranty and guarantee as the the fiberglass units.  They are also regarded as a lifetime tank by the Province of PEI.  Cost is slightly lower than a fiberglass tank. 

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